April 24, 2017


Pühajärve SwimRun Baltic Challenge

General rules of Pühajärve SwimRun Baltic Challenge 2018

Race map

The course starts from the Pühajärve Holiday Resort in the direction of Pühajärve Beach.

Youth race

The Youth race course of Pühajärve SwimRun Baltic Challenge is on the territory of Pühajärve Holiday Resort and Pühajärve Beach.

  • Total length of the Youth Race is ca 1km
  • Swimming distance ca 200m
  • 3 runs, 2 swims

Short race

The Short race course of Pühajärve SwimRun Baltic Challenge is on the territory of Pühajärve Holiday Resort, Pühajärve Beach and around the closest islands of the lake.

  • Total length of the Short Race is ca 3,2km
  • Swimming distance ca 1,2km
  • 7 runs, 6 swims

Main race

The SwimRun competition runs clockwise around the picturesque Lake Pühajärve.

  • Total length of the Main Race is ca 11,5km
  • Swimming distance ca 2,1km
  • 10 runs, 11 swims
  • 2 service points

Pühajärve Aquathlon (open Estonian Championships)

General rules Pühajärve Aquatlon

Race map


  • Children E, D, C – 500m running, 200m swimming and 500m running
  • Youngsters A, Juniors, Main class, Veterans 40-60 and Teams: 2,5km running, 1km swimming and and 2,5km running
  • Youngsters B, Amateurs, Veterans 70-80 – 1,25km running, 500m swimming and 1,25km running

Transition area

  • Transition area is on the shore of lake Pühajärve  (at the territory of Pühajärve SPA)
  • In order to get into the transition area the competitor must have their race number with them
  • Only competitors, referees and special permit holders are allowed to enter the transition area
  • The transition area is guarded and surrounded with a fence
  • The competitor must bring its race gear in time and after the race remove the gear at scheduled time. The gear that is left behind will be taken to the registration tent.


  • Swimming is in the lake Pühajärve
  • It is mandatory to wear the swimming cap provided by the organizers.


  • The run course goes along the sidewalks around lake Pühajärve

Pühajärve Open Water Swimming Competition


  • I start – Youth race – 250m
  • II start – Amateurs race and Main race – 1km and 2km (2x1km)